Competitive Spirits or Competitive Rates, we speak your language…

"How do you measure wealth?"These are the fueling words that power the rampant machine that is the PCH Touch Rugby Team of late. Variations of the superb quote have been thrown about, examples being: “Reef breaks or tax breaks, we speak your language…” and “Fishing line or bottom line, we speak you language…” …but we’ll stick with the title of this post, due to its applicability to boots, tries, grass and balls.

So this is the team. PCH, or Private Client Holdings,  is the financial services firm that initiated the sponsorship of our league team, through the loving father-son relationship between Grant Alexander and son Laine, and their collective drive to be brilliant at every single sport you could possibly think of.   Now, speaking of competitive rates, PCH’s rates of return have been on a somewhat parabolic rise in terms of tries scored and winning results in recent weeks (bar Monday nights match, which we’ll disregard as it was on a Monday (?!)).

Okes aren't kidding around.

We thought we’d give you a bit of background knowledge to set the scene, as this post was intended to be merely a match report on the game against rival team the Leao (pronunciation: LAY-ho, apparently) Grenades, which turned out to be a very satisfying victory.  So here’s the report:

On an evening when all the talk was about Australia and Reds flyhalf, Quade Cooper’s visit of Villagers rugby club to play some touch in an earlier game (I kid you not, it happened – Agmat Siraj Legget of WP Touch organised this occurrence through a couple of skwawks on that social interweb thing called Twitter, and so Quade arrived to show off some mad skills, and he then promptly left for a Reds team dinner), the PCH were set to play with only one substitute against the Grenades . This was no deterrence as the men in silver (yes, silver, not grey) came flying out of the starting blocks, shutting down the opposition on defence and running in 3 tries in the first 5-10 minutes, with another to follow. The tries were of a very high standard and the team could feel the quality it was dishing out. A completely dominating first half that included a try by yours truly that probably (definitely) shouldn’t have been given, and a couple of moments where Stu Black stepped the same oke 3 times in a row… necessary? Of course! Everyone worked particularly hard in this half, and a shout goes out to Ali Broadhurst who almost killed himself with his workload, and who made only ONE infamous U-touch. Brilliant.   The second half was a very different story, seeing our silver machine begin to feel the effects of the frenetic first half, and 3 tries were conceded, but 3 more scored, resulting in a 7-4 final scoreline. It became desperate at times, and Mike Nel made a valiant try-saving touch at the death, reeling in a man all the way into the corner, having started 20 metres behind him. Special mention was also requested by my co-blogger to mention a try scored by the two of us from our own try line, that saw a step by Stu of his right (WHAT?!) and a draw and pass of the winger to set Plimmy down the line to be swiftly reeled in by an opposition player. The offload inside is what finished the move off as Blackie followed up to show support and touch down, but not before letting out a hearty guffaw of triumph.

And so the game ended and PCH walked away frightfully fatigued, but stoked. Now that our league team has made its introduction into our blog, watch this space for more eventful match reports…  Out.

One thought on “Competitive Spirits or Competitive Rates, we speak your language…

  1. Blackie says:

    Was honestly the best pass I have ever received (2nd best one was the floater i got from Mike), and yes the celebration was a bit over-the-top (also know on BBM has OTT) however it needed to be backed up with a grunt of joy.


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